Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where did summer go?

I just realized that I haven't blogged since June.  Actually the last day of school in June, also known as the happiest day EVER, around here, lol.  However, today I'm finally back to blogging and it's already the 3rd day into a new school year.  Where did summer go?  Why did it have to take the sleeping in, care free, pool days with it?

I miss my kids.  Tremendously.  So does the dog.  The house feels too big when it's just me and the pup, and I find myself with time to do all that needs to get done, but yet I avoid it.  I really miss my kids, their over the top antics, constant chatter and laughter, and even the messes, well ok not the messes. No, I definitely don't miss the constant messes, lol.

Does anyone else feel like this and if you do, how do you cope with it until you fall into your new groove?

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