Thursday, May 30, 2013

Can't seem to get back into the groove

I was doing SO well.  Exercising everyday, eating right, drinking lots of water, and got hot, Ava got sick, we traveled out of town, the list goes on and on.  

Even this morning, when I actually had the time to get a workout in, I chose to take a morning nap.
And now, I'm sitting here, on the couch, killing some time before I have to go to a parent/teacher conference for the kiddo.  

See?  Sitting!

Why's it SO hard to get back into the routine once it's been interrupted?  Ugh.  Feeling super guilty about it, and yet, I'm not making any changes toward fixing it.


Oh how I love to wear dresses, much more so than a pair of shorts or jeans.
Even more now that the fit and flare style is in style and more readily available in stores.
I love the bright colors, the patterns, the way I feel in them.  So feminine.

But there IS something I don't love, and that's the fact that so many dresses are sleeveless, or worse, on such a thin strap that wearing a regular bra underneath them is out of the question.  So far my solution has been to wear a cardigan over these dresses, but let's face it, it's almost summer time and it's getting HOT.  Truthfully, it's been hot here for a couple of weeks, hot enough that wearing a cardi looks silly.

My outfit to a Birthday breakfast yesterday.
I was melting it was so warm, but I dared not take the cardi off.

So here I sit, pondering, what's a girl supposed to do?  Where do you guys shop for dresses that actually have a sleeve on them? 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

When it rains it pours...

Didn't work out Friday, Saturday, or today.
A million reasons why, and I won't bore you with most of them, but
the biggest reason is that my littlest is sick with pneumonia.  3 days of fever for baby girl and no sleep for this mom, makes for a tough weekend.  Crossing fingers the rest of this week will be MUCH better.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blech, humidity is NOT my friend

I did it!
A one week hiatus from working out and today I got back to it.
But oh my heck, it was ROUGH!

80 degrees out with 80% humidity.


I'm dreading what summer is going to bring, especially when we start seeing those 100+ degree days.
Oh my.

Here are today's stats:

Distance:  2.47 miles
Time:  37 minutes 23 seconds

According to RunKeeper I burned 303 calories.

Oh did I mention that I looooove RunKeeper?
Such a cool app. Not only does it tell me my average time, distance, calories, but it also maps out my route.  So cool!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Evening workout

31 minutes
2.08 miles

Walked the first mile, and it was slow, but ran most of the 2nd one.
The scale isn't showing any progress, but my clothes are starting to fit differently which is super exciting.  It's slow progress, but it's progress!  Yay!

Hair-tastic Thursday!

I love getting my hair done, and I hate it too :). I don't love sitting in a chair for 2 hours, driving the 30 minutes there and back, or the expense, but I do love the way I feel when it's all done.  There's something about bright color, no grays, and a fresh cut that does something for my mood.  

Instead of sitting in a chair bored while I wait for the color to set in I do what every rational woman would do.  I take "selfies".  I always feel like I have leftovers from a fancy restaurant on my head while its getting done and can't help but giggle at how I look.  I will usually make a funny face with all that foil on my head and message my husband with it, but I thought I would spare you that agony, hee hee.  

So there it is.  Rather than going with more blonde, I went back to my more natural brown with blonde highlights.  It helps keep me from looking too washed out, and it looks a lot nicer when my roots start showing.  I'm lucky to have found a stylist that listens to what I want, and does a beautiful job each time.  I started going to her 3 years ago this month, that all started with a horrible at home dye job.  Thankfully, she was able to fix my huge mistake all those years ago and each time I go to her I love my cut and color :).

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wacky Workout Wednesday!

Today was "Walk to School Day", so Christian and Ava were up before their alarm clocks had a chance to ring, which of course meant Ava trying to wake us up, and Christian telling her to leave us alone, because we still had time to sleep.  Of course as sweet as Christian's plan was, it didn't work :)  The excitement of walking to school with all of their friends from the neighborhood was just too exciting apparently, and noisy too ;).

Today, also happens to be an "early release" day, meaning the elementary kids get out of school at noon.  My kiddos love early release days, but for me, they always feel so discombobulated, not enough time to really get anything done.  Anyway, because of the noon dismissal I decided that I would walk with the kids to school today and then go ahead and get my workout in.  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many neighborhood kids AND parents walking with their kids and teachers, talking, and laughing, that it made for a really nice morning.  I think we'll be participating in more of these "walk to school" days from now on.  I walked with the kids up to the door of the school, said my goodbye's, barely got a wave from them, definitely no glance back at me, and off they went into the school.  I took that cue, and headed out for my walk, feeling slightly miffed that my kids obviously don't need me as much as I thought :/  

Today's stats:

2 miles ( plus a 1/2 mile with the kids, at a semi brisk pace, but not included in time)
30 minutes

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Terrific Tuesday!

Gorgeous morning for a walk!

31:08 minutes
2.14 miles

I'm definitely improving on my time, thanks to adding in running this week.  I was able to run more today than yesterday, so yay!

Monday, May 6, 2013

New shoes...more fitness

33:03 minutes
2.26 miles
Calories burned: 297

Oh the joy of new shoes :)

Playing with color.

I've been pulling away from a matchy matchy look with my wardrobe and instead playing with color. I'm not sure I'm always successful, but it's fun trying. Here's today's outfit for running errands in. What do you think? Hit or miss?

Marvelous Monday

I'm such a slacker!
Completely forgot to update Friday's stats, but maybe it's because I didn't do ANYTHING!
Ugh. Such a slacker!

The weekend blew by, and I'm not sure how it's possible it went by so quickly.
Saturday I took Ava to my mom's house to play with my niece who had come over while Aimee and I, along with a friend, drove out to an outlet mall and spent the day roaming and of course shopping (but not too much).  I wore THE cutest pair of converse that day, and they were new, so suffice it to say after 4+ hours of walking around my feet hurt like crazy.  But seriously, SO cute!

Getting ready to go to Babcia's house!

Then on Sunday, I decided I wasn't doing anything, but that backfired because I was going stir crazy.
I decided a 2 mile walk/run (first time to run outside by the way!) would take care of the stir craziness :D  I walked most of the time, but ran the last .3 and would have run more but wow, it's hard running outside compared to running in place at home.  My goal now is to get outside a couple of times a week and bump the running up a little each time.  I'd like to be able to run the entire 2 miles by the months end, but we'll see.  Grand plans, you know?  :D

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No Workout Wednesday

Spent the day running errands and looking for something cute to wear to a concert that's coming up. Found something I think will work, but I'm not 100% sure just yet.  I'm still looking for the perfect fun accessories to go with it.

So, with that said, I didn't work out today.  Do I feel bad?  Yes.  Am I exhausted from being out all day?  Absolutely!  Tomorrow, as soon as the kids are off to school, I'll be back to working out.