Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hair-tastic Thursday!

I love getting my hair done, and I hate it too :). I don't love sitting in a chair for 2 hours, driving the 30 minutes there and back, or the expense, but I do love the way I feel when it's all done.  There's something about bright color, no grays, and a fresh cut that does something for my mood.  

Instead of sitting in a chair bored while I wait for the color to set in I do what every rational woman would do.  I take "selfies".  I always feel like I have leftovers from a fancy restaurant on my head while its getting done and can't help but giggle at how I look.  I will usually make a funny face with all that foil on my head and message my husband with it, but I thought I would spare you that agony, hee hee.  

So there it is.  Rather than going with more blonde, I went back to my more natural brown with blonde highlights.  It helps keep me from looking too washed out, and it looks a lot nicer when my roots start showing.  I'm lucky to have found a stylist that listens to what I want, and does a beautiful job each time.  I started going to her 3 years ago this month, that all started with a horrible at home dye job.  Thankfully, she was able to fix my huge mistake all those years ago and each time I go to her I love my cut and color :).

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