Monday, May 6, 2013

Marvelous Monday

I'm such a slacker!
Completely forgot to update Friday's stats, but maybe it's because I didn't do ANYTHING!
Ugh. Such a slacker!

The weekend blew by, and I'm not sure how it's possible it went by so quickly.
Saturday I took Ava to my mom's house to play with my niece who had come over while Aimee and I, along with a friend, drove out to an outlet mall and spent the day roaming and of course shopping (but not too much).  I wore THE cutest pair of converse that day, and they were new, so suffice it to say after 4+ hours of walking around my feet hurt like crazy.  But seriously, SO cute!

Getting ready to go to Babcia's house!

Then on Sunday, I decided I wasn't doing anything, but that backfired because I was going stir crazy.
I decided a 2 mile walk/run (first time to run outside by the way!) would take care of the stir craziness :D  I walked most of the time, but ran the last .3 and would have run more but wow, it's hard running outside compared to running in place at home.  My goal now is to get outside a couple of times a week and bump the running up a little each time.  I'd like to be able to run the entire 2 miles by the months end, but we'll see.  Grand plans, you know?  :D

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