Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wacky Workout Wednesday!

Today was "Walk to School Day", so Christian and Ava were up before their alarm clocks had a chance to ring, which of course meant Ava trying to wake us up, and Christian telling her to leave us alone, because we still had time to sleep.  Of course as sweet as Christian's plan was, it didn't work :)  The excitement of walking to school with all of their friends from the neighborhood was just too exciting apparently, and noisy too ;).

Today, also happens to be an "early release" day, meaning the elementary kids get out of school at noon.  My kiddos love early release days, but for me, they always feel so discombobulated, not enough time to really get anything done.  Anyway, because of the noon dismissal I decided that I would walk with the kids to school today and then go ahead and get my workout in.  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many neighborhood kids AND parents walking with their kids and teachers, talking, and laughing, that it made for a really nice morning.  I think we'll be participating in more of these "walk to school" days from now on.  I walked with the kids up to the door of the school, said my goodbye's, barely got a wave from them, definitely no glance back at me, and off they went into the school.  I took that cue, and headed out for my walk, feeling slightly miffed that my kids obviously don't need me as much as I thought :/  

Today's stats:

2 miles ( plus a 1/2 mile with the kids, at a semi brisk pace, but not included in time)
30 minutes

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