Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Laundry Room, more small updates.

Here's a small update to the laundry space.
After talking with my GENIUS friend I added some fun stuff to the tops
of the cabinets.
I've got a few more ideas, but need to complete a couple of steps
before placing them in there.

OH and I found yet ANOTHER hat laying around. 
I had no idea we were such hat collectors, lol.

Thanks to my GENIUS friend that suggested cowboy boots, I got to work.
I once again "shopped" my house and found an old, outgrown pair of
red cowgirl boots, stuffed them with grocery bags to keep their shape (wow, we have WAY
too many plastic grocery bags) and propped them onto an empty box.
The metal tub was a gift that I received over 6 years ago and rather
than keeping it sitting in my closet, I figured, hey why not.

I found a chalk pennant garland yesterday in the craft section of Target and 
knew I had to have it.  I bought a chalk marker while there and voila.  
The pack came with 12 pennant flags, some string to hang them on,
and 12 round chalk circles for another garland too.

I can't wait to get the rest of the laundry room done
and then I have to figure out how exactly I'm going to keep
it from being over taken by clutter and laundry.

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