Thursday, January 30, 2014

All moved in!

We closed on our new house, Jan.7th and were moved into it on Jan.8th.
It's been a whirlwind of a fall/winter, and I'm SO happy to finally have it winding down.

1/20th of the boxes we moved over :/

We still have a lot going on since we moved in when the house wasn't completely finished, but the work that's being done now, is so minute that it's not a big deal.  Slowly but surely, it'll get taken care of :)

I've been a crazy woman and unpacking boxes left and right.  We are almost completely unpacked, other than a couple of rooms, that won't be done until we get our storage situation taken care of (builders are coming in to install shelving soon).  I've even "organized" our pantry, which is easily 4 times bigger than our old one, by using various baskets I bought at Target and Ross.

I've started decorating too and wow, it's FUN!  I'm pushing myself out of my little box that I've felt the need to stay in for a long long time and really making this new house more US.  I want color, and fun, and comfort.  I want the house to be pretty but functional, and browsing the internet for ideas has sparked my creativity!

I bought an antique refinished table at a local antique mall for the living room, in a color that I would never have normally considered, a cool grayish blue.  I then found a darling lamp at Ross for $30 (lamp base and shade together), and 3 fun, non matching, on sale, frames from Target.  After that, my couch looked plain, and a big for me change was made.  I decided to sew some pillow covers, for our family room couch, in a fabric that is completely out of my comfort zone, and yet I completely love them.  I'm working on mixing patterns, and colors, but for now this is the first step.  Is it hard for anyone else to step out of their decorating comfort zone?

Now to work on getting those picture frames filled with photos of our family.  Kind of awkward staring at random people ;)

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