Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let the projects begin!

You know what happens when you visit the blogosphere?  

You start wanting to do all sorts of crafty projects, spending as little as possible, and then finding even more things to do after you've already compiled a huge list of things.  It's a viciously wonderful crazy circle :D  So.many.projects!

Here's my first one, well, the beginnings of one.  

I found a small, $20, chest of drawers on craigslist, that I knew needed to be mine.  I saw the paint color in my mind even before it was mine, and the perfect place for it in the house.

First things it up.  Lysol wipes were my friend during this process and a heavy duty vac to get the little webby things hanging around on the underside <shudder>.

Then, it was time to get rid of those darling little flowers that had been painted onto the dresser.  Cute, but so not for me or what I had in mind.  

I primed all of the drawers, the entire chest itself, and now I wait for the primer to dry.
Tomorrow, I apply the first coat of paint :D  

Stay tuned for the finished project...

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