Sunday, March 2, 2014

Entryway dresser update

Remember my little dresser from Craigslist?  Gee, I start a lot of posts with, "remember my"...I should work on changing that, huh?  Okay, back to my post :D

So I've been slowly finding things here and there for it, and it's starting to come together nicely.

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, I love the colors red and aqua, oh and yellow, and pink, and green, and...oh, but yeah really red and aqua.  It's in a lot of places around the downstairs and I'm sure it'll creep upstairs a little too once I start focusing on that part of the house.  A long, long, long time from now.

Okay, without more babble, here is the before, the before after, and the after :)

I still haven't found a chair that I absolutely must have, so the little shoe bench from our old house
is still sitting there.  It's working for us beautifully storage wise though, so I guess I'm not quite in a hurry to replace it just yet.

Oh right, back to the photos.  Here they are...

Ikea frames, LOVE them, especially the one in the back.

The little Dachshund statuette, from Hobby Lobby,  looks so much like our pup that I had to have it,
and the fake grass and red planter, thanks again Ikea!

The lamp is a temporary one, $10 on clearance at Target, is actually going into my son's room, though not that shade because it's oh so sparkly and I'm thinking he wouldn't be a fan, ha.  

An old mirror that my daughter's no longer had space for, some word art from Hobby Lobby ($10),
and a DIY letter W canvas/wood art.

And voila!  Now I just need a chair.
Oh and totally keeping it real, there's a backpack next to the dresser and about 7 pairs of shoes
shoved into that bench.  Two of which may or may not be mine :D

So there ya go.  I don't think I'm quite done though.  I think once I find a chair, this
small space will once again evolve.

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