Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dining room ooomph.

After living in the house for a few months, and getting things in their places, I realized our dining room was lacking some oomph, and that needed to be changed asap!

Here's what it started out as. 

A large table, that I love love love and 2 paintings that the hubby and I brought back from a trip to Paris 4 years ago.  Wow, 4 years.  It feels like yesterday.  Anyway, back to the issue at hand.

I dug around the house and found a brand new table runner I hadn't even unwrapped yet (can you tell I like blues yet?), and an old shallow bowl.  Easy.  Though it looked really weird empty, so while at Ikea one day I found these funky rattan like balls to put into it.  Simple and cute...and cheap!  I was content.  Finally, the room was done.  Simple, clean, and colors that make me happy.  

And that's when it happened.   Tidymom , posted this:  

Remember how I said I was content?  Well, that flew right out the window!
I took one look at those glass shelves, and knew right away that  I needed one in my dining room.
I had an entire wall, just begging to be filled.  The metal frame, the glass, it would keep the room from feeling too "heavy" but it would finally get some oomph!

The next day, literally, I hopped into my car and got myself over to Ikea.  The 10 minute drive was almost too exciting to handle, yes 10 minutes!  I feel kind of lucky :D  I was on a mission.  I didn't bother going upstairs but made my way over to the warehouse, grabbed my giant box and headed home.

Now,  I don't have any before photos of the dining room without the shelf, or with the shelf completely empty, but I finally got it decorated the way I want.  I think.  Other than the photo frames needing photos, and the plants needing cute planters, I'm done.  Right?  

I have to admit, I'm a bit worried it's too busy, but I love all of the pieces on there,
so I'm not sure how to make it not so cluttered.  The painting, my daughter did, and she doesn't like it, lol.  Too bad for her, I do, and it matches my coral on the top shelf and the glass vase filled with sand and shells.

Oh and notice those AMAZING framed prints?  Those are from Gingiber and they are the perfect nautical addition.  All three are fun and unique, but that Narwhal.  Oh my!

My next task...clean/organize/decorate the study.  Yikes!

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