Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Found, two wandering pups...

So today was quite eventful.
Between the kids being in VBS this week and a birthday party at a local splash park, the hubster found two wandering pups along a road near his work, out in the boonies.
Being the good guy that he is, he lured the dogs off the busy road and immediately tried to figure out who they belong to.  Sadly no tags were on either of the pups, though one was wearing a collar.
Finally, the decision, after a long day, was made to bring them back to our house where both very dirty pups received baths and flea treatments.
Meet, "Max"

The kids of course are on cloud nine with our 2 visitors, and I'm hoping and praying they don't get too attached.  Ava is actually allergic to dogs, as am I.  Not a good thing in this situation, you know?

So tomorrow the dogs are being taken to the vet for rabies shots, flea baths and grooming.
We've posted on facebook about these two, a "found" add on Craigslist, as well as one for the city the two were found in.

My gut tells me these two were dumped by someone.  They are malnourished and the big guy is extremely matted.  They look like they haven't been cared for in months.  Sad really.

And here's, "Ruby"

In the meantime, pups are sleeping outside in the backyard, right up against the back door.  The little one, is whimpering, and it's just so sad.  They both want in soooo badly, but I just can't risk letting them in if they've got critters coming in with them :/  Fingers crossed their families are out there looking for them and they'll be reunited soon!

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