Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Fitness!

It's been in the upper 90's here the last few days, and that means running outside
is completely out of the question.  Normally, when the temps get that high I stick to working
out on the Wii Fit, or swimming.  Swimming is by far my favorite thing to do, but I won't do it if the water is too cold, and when I say too cold I mean anything under 86 degrees is a no way.  My kiddos on the other hand will jump into the pool when it's barely 70 degrees.  Brrr, makes me shiver just thinking about it.  

We're really lucky to have a gorgeous tree that shades a huge part of our pool
during the morning and early afternoon.  It allows the kids to be out there multiple times throughout the day without me having to worry about them getting sunburned.  When I'm not swimming with them I'm watching them from under the little fabric gazebo we have set up in the back, with feet propped up on a chair, and a glass of ice cold water, or coffee if it's really early, on the table.  Really it makes for such awesome mornings!

Today however, was the first time it was warm enough for me, so instead of doing my workout on the Wii, I got in the pool :D

20 laps in the pool
Various other exercises for 20 minutes
2 hours of playing in the pool with the kids.

My muscles are sore, especially from jumping up and down with a 50+ kid on my back, but it
was worth hearing every giggle.  I'm not sure how many calories I burned, or if it was a good enough workout, but it doesn't matter.  Today was about getting in the pool and having fun with the kiddos!

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