Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shorts for summer...for mom :D

Finding age appropriate shorts to wear is quite the challenge.
I mean, I'm no longer 20, right?  ;)

3" inseam shorts?  Um, yeah, that's a big fat no.  Not for this 5'10" frame.
Bermudas?  Mmmmm, not my style, though definitely appropriate.
Capris?  It's just too hot!

So, I've managed to find a compromise.
4" shorts are a little short but they don't look too too short.
5" shorts are even better, thank you tall sizes!

I'm especially loving the fun patterns at Gap this year!
It's the first time in several years that I've shopped at Gap.
I've found them to be very hit or miss with their clothing and most of it doesn't
work well on me, but I've had some luck this year.

Two years ago I wouldn't have been caught in a pair of shorts like this.  I'm just beyond happy that
I've come this far in my weight loss to be able to wear them.  Yay for fun summer shorts!

Gap shorts (5"), Gap Outlet shirt (both this season)

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