Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to blogging...

It's been a while since I've blogged, maybe 2 years?  I felt this silly pressure to post things and realized I was forcing myself to sit down and blog, only to not have anything to say.  I had it in my mind that it had to be something profound, funny, witty, etc. but frankly somedays, the most I could muster was, wow, I'm tired.  So I took a break.  I'm not sure how long this venture back into blogging is going to last but that's ok.  No pressure this time around.

So with all of that said...I'm Domi, short for Dominika.  I'm a wife and mother, and this year for the first time in 15 years, I'm home alone.  All 4 kids are in school now, the hubby at work, and then there's me, holding down the fort :)  As you can tell by the title of my blog, I'm in a laundry daze most days.  I mean how could I not be with 6 people in this house, right?

Okay, so now that I've sort of reintroduced myself back into the blog world let me get down to why I wanted to start writing again.  I'm on a journey...a weight loss journey that is.  Two years ago I looked in the mirror and realized that I had allowed myself to become obese.  Yes, obese.  I wasn't just over weight anymore.  I never payed any attention to the fact that my pants weren't fitting like they used to, or that when I would look at clothing I had to go up a size each time, and then I just stopped shopping.  I would get discouraged, not shop, and became a frumpy housewife.  My attitude was terrible, I was grumpy, and I hate to say it, but just mean sometimes.  I hated who I was but didn't care enough to change anything, and that's when it all changed.  Two years ago this summer, I finally woke up and knew I couldn't keep going down that miserable path.

So in those two years, I've been slowly working on becoming healthier, and when I say slowly, I mean snails pace.  I started with just counting calories and then walking every once in a while.  The weight was starting to come off and I couldn't wait for results.  When I didn't "see" the results I became discouraged and gave up a bit.  I was still counting calories, but only occasionally, and not gaining so I figured win win right?  Wrong!  Do you know what happens when you STOP exercising?  Oh dear.  That was quite the rude awakening, lol.

In February of this year, I finally decided it was time to make a real effort, and a real change.  Oh, did I mention I absolutely HATE going to gyms to workout?  No?  Well,'s the whole thing about being self aware.  Anyway, in February I pulled out the Wii, popped in the Wii Fit disk, and did a whopping 10 minute workout!  Oy.  The good news is that everyday I added a little more time and by March I was doing the 20 minute run with 10 minutes of free step and some yoga.  I was feeling great, and was starting to see actual changes in my shape.  That's when spring break happened.   See where this is going?  Suffice it to say, 29 days later, according to the Wii, I started back to working out.  I'm on day 7 right now, and did a 30 minute run.  My calves are killing me and I can barely walk, but I absolutely LOVE it.  The biggest shock for me is that I look forward to my daily workouts and when I miss a day I'm honestly disappointed.  So weird!

Ok, ok, ok.  Sorry, I got a bit long winded there :)
With all of that said, I'm ready for a change and hopefully by blogging about this it'll keep me accountable.  No, I'm not going to tell you my weight, or what size clothing I'm in, but maybe just writing down what's going on, how much I'm doing, it'll keep me motivated.  Oh and no, I won't be blogging ONLY about my weight loss/gain because that wouldn't be any fun :)

Thanks for reading this novel!

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