Monday, April 22, 2013

One look is all it took...

Have you ever left the house feeling "put together" and cute?
And have you ever walked by two people, that you know in passing, that were obviously talking about you and making faces as you're feeling cute?
Did it just suck the wind out of your sail?
That was me today.
I allowed the "catty" behavior of two women, that I barely know, to make me feel self conscious and insecure.
It's so hard to get past our own insecurities as it is.  We don't need fellow women tearing us down through glances or stares, nor words.

Now, onto happier news, today's Wii stats:

Free step with riser- 20 minutes, 1988 steps
60 crunches

Unfortunately, I had to stop early.  About 4 minutes into my free run my left ankle started to throb and it hurt to put pressure on it.  So resting it up tonight and will see what happens tomorrow.

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