Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wait...it's Tuesday already?

Yesterday was a day full of cleaning and I counted it as my workout.  Several hours of constant motion around the house counts, right?

Then this morning crept up on me, and I let it slide into afternoon.  My lazy side was staging a hostile take over, but it didn't win.  I got on the Wii.  So there lazy side!


Wii step (with platform)- 13 minutes
Wii run- 10 minutes

Oh, and let me tell you, the Wii platform.  Game changer.  You snap the three pieces together, place your Wii Fit balance board on it and go.  Definitely worth the $20!

Platform for Wii Balance Board

I should have done more, but carpool duty calls so it's time to start picking up kids, working on dinner, and helping with homework.  Fun stuff.

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